About KI

Congregation Kehillath Israel is a warm, vibrant and inclusive community committed to enriching Jewish life.  Our members are from all generations and a variety of backgrounds, striving together to create a sacred space that welcomes G-d’s presence as we pray, study, and serve together.  We welcome everyone and invite you to help build our community.  Please join us!

Congregation Kehillath Israel’s commitments to education, Zionism, and Jewish tradition have thrived for more than 90 years, ever since KI was established as the first Brookline synagogue in 1917. We are proud of the more than 60 rabbis and professional educators that have grown up in our community over the years. We strive to continue to strengthen our bond with Israel, provide first-rate learning experiences, and enable congregants from all backgrounds to experience the holiness of prayer.

KI’s role as a bedrock of the Boston Jewish community has led us to the forefront of religious egalitarianism – with a strong commitment to women’s full participation in all of our services. Our historic position enables us to communally host many events and lectures of timely concern to the wider region. Our past is rich in decades, personalities, and stories. Our present brims with content, connections, and cause.

We hope you will lend your willing heart and hands to scripting our future.