Bar & Bat Mitzvah Center

Dear B’nai Mitzvah Families,

Mazal tov!  We are so excited to join you on the journey towards this life transition for your child.  Our tradition offers the wisdom that at this developmental milestone of increasing independence and maturity, we honor our young people by acknowledging who they are becoming.  This is a moment of setting their course towards who they are and hope to be in their homes, their local communities, their Jewish community, and indeed the world.

Please see below for links to more information about the b’nai mitzvah experience!

At KI, our philosophy is to create b’nai mitzvah celebrations that honor the individual young people and families who make up this vibrant and diverse community.  There is no cut and dried way to become bar or bat mitzvah in the KI community, but we strive for ceremonies and celebrations that meet each of our young people where they are, asking them to take on a course of learning that will be challenging for them and give them a sense of tremendous accomplishment in the context of Jewish community.

We look forward to going on this journey with you and your family and supporting you throughout the process.  We love learning with your family and helping you create the path for a bar/bat mitzvah celebration that fits who you are and who you are watching your child become.

Many blessings for this sweet journey,

Rabbi Bill Hamilton, Rabbi

Shirah Rubin, Director of Congregational Learning

Paula Silver, Senior Synagogue Administrator

Batya Ellinoy, B’nai Mitzvah Coordinator

Session 1          Sunday, 10/8 /17 • 3-5 pm at KI—Sukkah • What does it mean to become bar/bat mitzvah?

Learn about each other, mitzvot, the BM Seminar and our new signature mitzvah project. We will also have the opportunity to hear from families who have recently been through the B’nai Mitzvah process.