High Holy Days Tickets

High Holy Days Tickets

KI Member High Holy Day Tickets

KI members may fill out a ticket form below.

Are you looking for other tickets? Please see below for links to our other ticket pages. For other information about the holidays, please see our High Holy Days portal.

  • Involved with 384@KI, KI Community Kabbalat Shabbat (KICKS), or those new to Boston: You may purchase tickets at a special rate. Please fill out a ticket form online here.
  • Non-KI Members: You do not need to be a member to attend services at KI. You may fill out a ticket form online here.
  • Reciprocal Tickets: If you are a member of another synagogue and wish to get reciprocal seating at KI’s services this year, please have your synagogue email mainoffice@congki.org with your name, mailing address, phone number or email, and the number of tickets required.
  • To reserve tickets offline, call the office at 617-277-9155 with your information.
  • Questions? Call 617-277-9155 or email mainoffice@congki.org.

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