Blessed to be alive during the Third Commonwealth of Jewish history, KI fully embraces our bond with the State of Israel. Hosting monthly speakers and visiting Wexner Fellows, partnering with Alyn Hospital and Yemin Orde Youth Village, convening Israeli Consulate special events and growing as a hub for returning Birthright travelers, KI takes pride in thickening commitments to the Jewish State – the center of our aspirations, wherein the Torah’s lessons are tested and lived.

This year we’re enriching our engagement with ‘the real Israel’ by reading, as a community, Yossi Klein Halevi’s award-winning new book Like Dreamers: The Story of the Paratroopers Who Reunited Jerusalem and Divided a Nation.

Join us throughout 2014 for content-rich conversation and exploration afforded us by Halevi’s exceptionally strong storytelling, charting changing Zionist dreams amidst events that transpired from 1967-2004.

Israel Programming at KI


  • Speaker series that has included Alan Dershowitz, Ruth Wisse, and Tom Friedman
  • Student participation in Passport to Israel and Boston-Haifa pre-school connection


  • Host of Israeli folk-dancing group and Israeli martial arts events
  • Host of Israeli Consulate to New England holiday observances such as Yom Hazikaron


  • Provide support for Israel advocacy groups on local college campuses
  • Work together with Israel advocacy organizations in the greater Boston area


  • Provide support for Ethiopian children in Israel and Alyn Hospital of Jerusalem
  • Host of visiting Israelis including IDF soldiers and Wexner Israel fellow

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