Learning At KI

Community of Learning

Since its inception, Congregation Kehillath Israel has been a Community of Learners.  Our commitment to education has been a core part of our DNA for a hundred years, and has resulted in the nickname “the Rabbis’ synagogue” because of the number of rabbis and professional educators who have been raised here.  We continue to strive to live up to that name.


We believe strongly in community participation in our services, and have created the Davening Project to provide a strong level of comfort & a deepening understanding of the service to our members. Frequent lectures and classes provide additional opportunities to deepen our Jewish knowledge, along with our One-to-One learning program where members are paired together on long-term educational journeys.


KI has had an award-winning pre-school for decades, as well as afterschool Religious Studies programs.  Check out their sections here (preschool) and here (religious school) for more information and their curriculum.  In addition, we host several age-appropriate children’s services every Shabbat, with special holiday offerings.  Our b’nei mitzvot program can be found here, and frequent teenage programs can be spotted in our calendar of events.

Jew By Choice

If you are—or are interested in becoming—a Jew by Choice, know that KI welcomes you with a whole heart.  Many of our congregants have made the same journey…including many members of our current and past Board of Trustees.  Each year, we assist in the journey of over 20 seekers as they are welcomed into the Jewish Community, working directly with our Rabbis.  KI is also the physical home of the Jewish Discovery Institute, Boston’s resource for interfaith couples, families and individuals interested in learning about Conservative Judaism.