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Testimonials from KI families

“KI has been special in so many ways since Harrison started KINS 6 years ago.  It has become our second home for Judaism, education, and friendships.”

Judy, Mike, Harrison, Juliet, and Amelie


“The education at KINS Mikaela is receiving as well as the warmth of the KI community infuses our lives with the light and love of Torah and the Jewish people. We feel so blessed to be part of this community every time our daughter walks by the shul.”

Dani & Jon


“We are so grateful to be a part of the KI community and are looking forward to watching Mira grow in the same love and support we have experienced since we joined!”

Sari & Casey


“I appreciate how warm and inclusive the KI community is!  We feel so lucky to have a space to not only celebrate but also expand our understanding  of our religion with our son!”

Rebecca & Ari


“What I like about KI is the Junior Congregation, because we get to lead it. Also, I like the Kiddush Club because it’s the time in the middle of the prayers that we get to have a snack and talk about the parsha



“I’ve been a member of KI for many years, and what I like about it is all the friends I’ve made. They’ve really become a true community for me.”



“Something I like about KI is the atmosphere there. Everyone’s so involved in the prayers and very knowledgeable.”



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