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Zoom Link for all High Holy Day Services

Monday, Sept. 26 – Rosh Hashanah

8:00AM Rosh Hashanah services (in-person, online, outdoor covered space)
5:30PM Tashlich at Amory Park (in-person)
6:30PM Mincha/Maariv (sanctuary and online)

Tuesday, Sept. 27 – Rosh Hashanah

8:00AM  Rosh Hashanah services (in-person, online, no outdoor covered space)
6:45PM Mincha followed by 7:05PM Maariv and 7:15PM Havdalah (in-person & online)

Wednesday, Sept. 28 – Tzom Gedalia

6:45AM Morning Minyan (online & in-person)
12:00PM Mishna Learning & Mincha (online)
6:45PM Mincha/Maariv (online & in-person)

Thursday, Sept. 29 

6:45AM Selichot followed by Morning Services (online & in-person)
12:00PM Mishna Learning & Mincha (online)

7:00PM Evening Services (online & in-person)

Friday, Sept. 30

6:45AM Selichot followed by Morning Services (online & in-person)
12:00PM Mishna Learning & Mincha (online)
6:00PM Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat (online & in-person)
6:09PM Shabbat Candles

Saturday, Oct. 1

9:00AM Shabbat Services (online & in-person)
6:00PM Mincha/6:50PM Maariv/7:08PM Havdallah (online & in-person)

Sunday, Oct. 2

8:00AM Morning Services (online & in-person)
12:00PM Shavua Tov Pick Me Up & Mincha (online & in-person)
7:00PM Evening services (online & in-person)

An Intergenerational Campus

KI is strongly intergenerational, where seniors and young adults daven together at Kabbalat Shabbat, teens and families work together on innovative social action programs, and learning partnerships stretch across the decades.  Between our on-site KI preschool and the new adjacent senior housing our partner 2Life has created, we have a full range of ages involved in most KI activities.

Young Families


20s – 30s

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