Learning Through Play

We believe that children learn through play. In our classrooms, both inside and outdoors, we provide an environment that is rich in play opportunity. Our learning spaces are organized into various activity areas that invite and encourage exploration and discovery. Teaching staff support children’s development of friendships and provide opportunities for children to play with and learn from each other. Staff support children as they practice social skills by helping them enter into, sustain, and enhance play, and practice cooperation skills as they learn to share, take turns, negotiate, and compromise.

We believe each child is developmentally unique and learns at a different pace and style. Each week our staff meets to develop curriculum to meet the individual needs of our students.  A child psychologist and a speech language pathologist are on staff to be part of our teams and help develop the most appropriate learning environment for the children. We want children who graduate from KI Preschool to be ready for continued learning.

Our broad-based curriculum includes, but is not limited to: literacy, music, drama, creative movement, art, science, math, social studies, technology, Judaics, problem solving, creative thinking, social and moral development, and fine motor and large skill oriented motor activities. 

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Creative movement and music develop the body and mind. We are delighted to host weekly movement classes and music classes taught by Jenn Harrington and Phillip Alexander. Creative movement and music have a number of positive benefits on our students. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing an early appreciation of the arts
  • Exploration of body movements – body parts moving alone and together
  • Practicing large motor skills
  • Group collaboration
  • Developing listening skills
  • Discussion of musical elements – ranges, harmony
  • Opportunity to play and learn about diverse musical instruments

Judaics and Hebrew language are an integral part of our program.  The Jewish holidays are presented in the classroom through stories, music, art, drama, and movement experiences. Children learn about values, such as being kind and taking care of the earth.

Hebrew language is introduced through vocabulary words, blessings and songs. Rabbi Elizabeth Bonney-Cohen, KI Rabbi, visits each class weekly to supplement the curriculum and further expose our students to Hebrew song and stories.

Shabbat is a rich weekly occurrence at KI Preschool. Children participate by serving as the Shabbat helper and bringing the challah or grape juice. Families are invited to visit and enjoy the Shabbat celebration with the class. The synagogue Rabbis or staff may also come to share in the celebration. Once a month, the school comes together to enjoy “Shabbat Sing” –  a school-wide sing along led by our Director.

Each year our curriculum is enhanced with specialty programs. These programs include (but are not limited to) interactive visits from Barn Babies and a local dental hygienist to learn about the importance of oral health. Some classes may also take ‘walking field trips’ around the neighborhood visiting the local fire station, pet store, parks and other local establishments.

Community is one of the strengths of our school culture. Our school hosts family breakfasts, education programs, and fun days. Families are encouraged to get involved with preschool specialty programming, such as dinner in the Sukkah, Purim carnival and model Seder. 

Parents are also encouraged to come and share their talents and professions with the classes. We have had parents talk to students about their careers; working in law, medicine, and even the MBTA. We have also had cello performances, baking demonstrations, and parents share about their family’s customs and culture. We are proud to host families from all over the United States and the globe!

Program Options

Toddler Program:
15 Months-2 years
2 years-2 years, 8 months

Three program options available: 2 day, 3 day or 5 day. Please see chart below for more information.

Preschool Program: 2 years, 9 months – 5 years

5 day program

Sample Schedule

While classroom schedules vary depending on the age of the students and a particular group’s needs, our curriculum is rich and varied.

  • Program offered 5 days per week (Monday-Friday) for both Toddlers and Preschoolers
  • Toddler Program offers three program options – please see table below to learn more
  • School Hours: 9am- 1pm
  • Enrichment hours are available only from 1-3:00pm and 3-5:00pm each day

Toddler Program Options

Program Days Time
A Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am-1pm. Enrichment programming with extended day options available until 5pm.
B Tuesday, Thursday 9am-1pm. Enrichment programming with extended day options available until 5pm.
C Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-1pm. Enrichment programming with extended day options available until 5pm.

Daily Schedule

9:00 am Drop-off / Table Activities
9:20 am Choice Time
9:50 am Circle Time
10:00 am Bathroom break
10:10 am Snack
10:30am Art/Choice Time/Playroom
11:30 am Wash Hands / Lunch
12:00 pm Playground
12:55pm Goodbye Song and Dismissal