Daily Minyan

KI holds daily services online and in-person. Below are their times and Zoom links

7:00AM Morning Services (online & in-person)
12:00PM Mishna Learning & Mincha (online only)
7:00PM Evening Services (online & in-person)

Attending Minyan in a Blizzard when the rest of Boston was closed!

At KI, we hold a minyan twice daily—rain or shine, snow or sleet.  It is the only daily egalitarian minyan in Brookline and a benchmark of our community.

The Daily Minyan provides a meaningful community for those who are saying Kaddish, but it is much more. The minyan is a recognition of our concern for the community, since our collective presence is necessary to sustain the value of tefillah b’tzibbur, communal prayer.

Morning services are at 7:00 a.m, Monday through Friday, and at 8:00 a.m. on Sundays. Evening services are at 7:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Service times may be confirmed on the front page of our website. (Under “Weekly Services.”) They may be adjusted during holidays.

Daily minyan is held in the Chapel. Sunday evening service is held at 100 Centre Street Community Room.

Whether saying Kaddish, nourishing the prayerful spirit, or sharing company with our ‘community of prayer’, all are welcome.

Please send us a message if you would like to be a service leader and/or a Torah reader, or let someone know at services and we will gladly guide you in the right direction. We are always delighted to have new faces leading and layning. See some selected tunes below to familiarize yourself with our services. The best way to learn is to come!

“Daily minyan is a hidden gem of this community!  In addition to being the only regular option for people who want to pray within an egalitarian setting, it is a place of deep community building.  I have seen countless people wander into the minyan out of obligation (some, even begrudgingly) who have come to find such a sense of meaning &  belonging that they become “regulars” (even beyond their obligation).  It is a opportunity for those hungry to connect to others, deepen their spiritual commitments, and grow in their understanding of Jewish ritual life.”

— Rabbi Elizabeth Bonney-Cohen

“I served on jury duty a few months ago, and I attended KI’s morning minyan throughout that week. The trial I was selected for was emotionally very challenging, and I found that being able to start my day in communal tefillah was an important tool for me. I was (and am) extremely grateful to the KI community for creating that space.”

— Eric Silberman

“Completely new to the community from out-of-state, I am positive that one of the defining factors of my immersion to the KI and Brookline Jewish community has been minyan attendance. Nowhere else are people so excited to see you walk in the room, and the opportunity to meet people and become ingratiated in the kahal is unsurpassed. Familiarity with the daily service is a welcome byproduct and, through all of these elements, a deeper appreciation for prayer naturally emerges.”
— Jordan Weil



KI uses the Authorized Daily Prayer Book (the Sacks Siddur) because it forges a meaningful bond between worshipper and word.  Its clear translation and commentary bring the traditional liturgy to life, allowing us to delve deeper into the “how” and “why” of each prayer.

“In the dialogue between the human soul and the Soul of the universe a momentous yet gentle strength is born.”

Description Pages Audio link (if available)
Morning Blessings
Birkot Hashachar Inside Cover, then 20-24
Kaddish D’Rabanan 34
Psalm 30 36
Mourner’s Kaddish 36-38
Pesukei D’Zimrah
Baruch She’amar 40
Ashrei and Psalms 146-150 46-54
Shirat HaYam 56-58
Yishtabach 58
Chatzi Kaddish 60
Barchu 62
Shema and its Blessings 62-74

Amidah (silent and repetition) 74-96  Ima’ot are said at the discretion of the shaliach tzibur
Kedushah 78
Tachanun M/Th 104; or 112
Chatzi Kaddish 118
Torah Service (M/Th) 120-130
Torah Readings From 846
Ashrei and uva Letzion 132-138
Kaddish Shaleim 138-140
Aleinu 140-142
Mourner’s Kaddish 142-144
Daily Psalm 144-152
During the High Holy Days, Psalm 27 306
Description Pages Audio link (if available)
Ashrei 170-172
Chatzi Kaddish 172
Amidah (silent and repeated) 174-192
Full Kaddish 196-198
Aleinu 198
Mourner’s Kaddish 200
Barechu 202
Shema and its Blessings 202-212
Chatzi Kaddish 212
Amidah (silent) 212-226
Kaddish Shaleim 228
Aleinu 230
Mourner’s Kaddish 232
During the High Holy Days: Psalm 27 232-234