“It is one thing to be for a cause. It is another to be in a cause.”

~ Heschel

KI enthusiastically celebrates Israel, the greatest miracle of our time.

Our commitment to our People’s restoration in the only land that has ever been core to our identity is a commitment that runs deep and reaches far and wide. 

Israel will always be democratic because it is the Jewish State. Our biblical Prophets introduced the world to core values like liberty, equality, and justice. From day one, the State of Israel has maintained universal suffrage which includes her Arab citizens. 

Statecraft can sometimes be messy. In pursuit of our loftiest ideals, we prefer the authentically Jewish posture of ongoing debate – that’s stubborn and fruitful – to settling matters once and for all.  

Jerusalem, better known by its biblical name, Zion, provides direction for our hearts and Torah for our spirits. We rejoice in her restoration. 

Zionism is as valuable to the wider world today as it’s been to our People for more than a century.. Engines that drive coexistence, self-reliability, and accountability – baked into the Zionist ideal – are vital ingredients in recipes for human flourishing. 

Care for Jews, by Jews, as Jews, is a priority of Kehillath Israel. This priority achieves its ultimate fulfillment through our care for and commitment to the wellbeing of people of all faiths and expressions of goodness. 

KI partners closely with leading Foundations (Wexner, Ruderman, Mandel, MAOZ, Argov) along with Universities to grow leaders for our next generation. 

Join us as we lend our willing hearts and hands to our sacred task of building Zion as a beacon of hope and brighter futures for all humankind.

Pre-Eminent Scholars

KI has hosted many Israeli scholars.  In many cases, these visits are in conjunction with our Library of Gratitude books.  Each year, a single book is purchased and sent to every member household.  Throughout the year, events and discussions are held based on the book’s topic.

Two in our recent past have been:

Like Dreamers by Yossi Klein Ha Levi, about….  Discussions on this book included:

  • panel discussion with IDF veterans currently studying at Brandeis University about the book’s assumptions and key ideas;
  • series of hosted Shabbat dinners to encourage meaningful discussions about the book;
  • series of tasteBook sessions with Rabbi Hamilton on the book’s core equestions
  • visit and discussion with the book’s author led by Brandeis President Fred Lawrence (see below)

Israel:  A Concise History of a Nation Reborn, by Daniel Gordis

Daniel Gordis was also the speaker for our Centennial Gala in 2017.

He returned again this year to discuss his newest book:  Israel’s Purpose & Ours.