Jews By Choice

There is joy in belonging to Israel, to God, and in being able to taste heaven in a sacred deed. 

Enthusiastically welcoming Jews By Choice is a source of abundant blessings to KI.  

Being surrounded by people who are falling in love with Jewish life can be magical. Their pulsating commitments help us find the pulse in ours. 

Deep down, many of us sense how traditions that ask to be taken seriously, are taken seriously. 

Rabbi Hamilton delights in getting to hear your story and in working with you to help you find the best path forward into Jewish commitment (personal instruction, regional class, small-group learning).

To take the first step, please email Rabbi Hamilton directly or complete the form below and he will reach out to you.

The Jewish Discovery Institute is Boston’s resource for interfaith couples, families and individuals interested in learning about Conservative Judaism. We offer a wide variety of programs for interfaith couples, families and individuals interested in learning more about Judaism. From basic introduction experiences to in-depth conversion programs, from support groups to training seminars, we hope all of our programs add meaning, understanding, and comfort.

Many of the JDI’s classes are held at KI.  Check their website here for more information.

If you’re considering conversion, Rabbi Hamilton would be honored to support you on your journey. Please complete this brief form below and he'll be in touch with you directly. This form is 100% confidential and goes directly to Rabbi Hamilton.