Our Library

The Library at 384 Harvard Street combines the previous KI library and that of our partner Congregation Mishkan Tefila.  Most of the collection is housed in our main floor Library; many other books are housed in bookcases within the sanctuary or in the Rabbi’s Study or…we are, after all, a Community of Learning.

Our Library is open to all.  Please call the main office or stop in for directions and availability times.

This is not a lending library, but you are welcome to come and read in our comfortable chairs.  We even have coffee.

This Year’s Library of Gratitude book

Each year we present an exceptional book to our entire membership.  What we call our Library of Gratitude, (Sifriat Todah) is designed to enrich the inner lives of our members.

This year’s selection Lion’s Honey. Israel’s most lauded contemporary writer retells the myth of Samson, one of the most tempestuous, charismatic, and colorful characters in the Bible.  Samson lives in between Joshua and the establishment of the Monarchy. It’s a tumultuous period. As a lifelong Nazirite, sometimes Samson seems more Philistine than Jewish. You’ll decide as you make your way through the drama and action of his life story.