Life Long Learning

Jewish society has always been somewhat of an outlier, mostly because its principal religious and social activity is education.

“What did G‑d find so special about Abraham? Fearless? Faithful? Visionary? Brilliant orator? None of the above. G‑d says Himself: “He is dear to me, because I know that he will command his children and his household after him to follow in the ways of G‑d, to do charity and justice.”3 Abraham, granddaddy of the Jewish people, was first and foremost an educator of his family—as well as to the world.”

Jewish education at its best is not about the study of God.  It is about finding God within your life, every day.  It’s about keeping integrity within every aspect of that life, treating people fairly, and continuously thinking about and judging your own actions against the highest standards of our people.

Jewish education is time-transcendent, with timeless discussions based on thousand year old rabbinic discussions reframed with modern commentary and refuted by other hundred-year old dissident opinions.  You are part of that discussion.  Our job as a synagogue is to provide you with the tools to be part of that discussion.  No matter your age or current level of knowledge.

We are a Community of Learning.

We are committed to ensuring that all our members can access the deep wisdom of our tradition, providing many and varied learning opportunities for every generation in our community to grow their souls.

Every year, we offer a wide range of classes, ongoing study and discussion groups, scholar-in-residence programs, lectures by prominent teachers and public figures, interfaith events, and special classes for families and parents.

Past events include:

  • Weekly Talmud study group.
  • Discussions on ancient and modern texts
  • How to live a meaningful Jewish life
  • What it means to be a Jew in the 21st century

Below is a video of a discussion at KI with Daniel Gordis on his new book, Israel’s Purpose & Ours.