One on One Learning

Your Level, Your Turf, Your Choice

So the classes are all at the wrong times. Or you feel that the material is on a higher level/lower level than you are. Or you want to study something specific. No problem!

Chavruta is a traditional Jewish approach to study where a pair of students analyze, discuss, and debate a shared text.  You set the schedule, choose the topic, and get feedback from the Rabbi only when you need it.

Let us know you’re interested, meet with the Rabbi, and we will seek to set you up with another member at roughly the same learning level as you, who is interested in tackling the same subject(s).  Then the two of you set your own schedule, goals, and meeting place (in person or virtual!)…then participate in Judaism’s most vital institution:  learning!

If you are interested in learning with Rabbi Hamilton or Ariel Wyner,  please click their names and send them a message! You can also book 1:1 time with Ariel here.

Some potential subjects:

  • Chumash (Bible) studies – basic and in depth
  • Kabbalah
  • Talmud analysis – basic and in depth
  • Prayer
  • Tanya
  • Basic Jewish Law
  • Code of Jewish Law in text
  • Maimonides’ texts
  • Jewish Philosophy
  • Anything!