Welcome to our Prayer Community

Whoever you are and whatever your background, you can find meaning, tradition, and community in our congregation. Religious services are at the heart of our activities and are designed to be participatory.

KI holds daily services online and in-person. Below are their times and Zoom links

7:00AM Morning Services (online & in-person)
12:00PM Mishna Learning & Mincha (online only)
7:00PM Evening Services (online & in-person)

Shabbat Morning Service

Full, traditional egalitarian services that integrate tefillah (prayer) and torah (learning), communal singing and quiet reflection, are led by KI’s clergy and members of the congregation.  Pesukei DeZimra (the preliminary service of quietly chanted or sung psalms) begins at 8:45.  Shacharit (the main body of the morning service) begins around 9:15, and Torah reading begins around 10.  A sermon bringing the weekly portion into dialogue with personal and philosophical questions and current events, delivered by one of KI’s rabbis or a guest teacher, begins around 10:45 and is followed by Musaf, the conclusion of the service.  Children gather on the bimah with the rabbis for Adon Olam, a closing prayer, about 11:45.  Click here for more details.


Birth to age 4

Celebrate Shabbat with songs, prayer, and movement! An adult is required to attend with children at this service.


Pre-K, K, and Grade 1

Celebrate Shabbat with prayers and discussion, using an age-appropriate participatory siddur.  Parents are welcome to join their kids for youth services.

Minyan Atid

Grades 3-6

Celebrate Shabbat with prayers and discussion, using an age-appropriate participatory siddur. Minyan Atid is on hiatus for the time being. Parents are welcome to join their kids for youth services.

Daily Minyan

At KI, we hold a minyan three times daily—rain or shine, snow or sleet.  It is the only daily egalitarian minyan in Brookline and a benchmark of our community.

The Daily Minyan provides a meaningful community for those who are saying Kaddish, but it is much more. The minyan is a recognition of our concern for the community, since our collective presence is necessary to sustain the value of tefillah b’tzibbur, communal prayer.

Whether saying Kaddish, nourishing the prayerful spirit, or sharing company with our ‘community of prayer’, all are welcome.

KI's Community Kabbalat Shabbat

KICKS (KI Kabbalat Shabbat)  is a warm community of spiritually-engaged Jews that strives to create soulful, energetic Friday night t’filah and nourishing, inclusive communal activities. We cultivate a traditional-egalitarian davening atmosphere that is committed to powerful prayer experience, within the broader communal fabric of Jewish learning and socializing in Brookline and Boston. We welcome new faces and seasoned ones; people of all ages, backgrounds, genders, and orientations; and encourage everyone to join us in taking responsibility for the group experience.

We host Shabbat dinner every Friday night and welcome you to pull up a seat at our table! Sign up here.