The Judge Lewis and Mrs. Mildred Goldberg Preschool

About Us

KI Preschool is a community preschool that provides a stimulating and challenging play and discovery-based curriculum taught by warm, nurturing early childhood professionals in a developmentally appropriate environment. KI Preschool is a multicultural diverse community in which all backgrounds are celebrated and welcome.  Our curriculum blends both secular and Judaic programming, providing a range of hands-on learning experiences while appreciating each child’s individual needs. If you have any questions, please email Elyssa or copy her email into your email at


The Judge Lewis and Mrs. Mildred Goldberg Preschool at Kehillath Israel opened in September 1968 as a not-for-profit preschool through the generosity of the Judge Lewis and Mrs. Mildred Goldberg family.

Value Statement

KI Preschool will provide your child with a warm, engaging, high quality program, which prepares children for the social-emotional and intellectual demands of their future education while providing families with a uniquely caring, Jewishly-diverse and multicultural community. Together we partner with parents to raise happy, healthy, and self-confident children.


At KI Preschool children are given the opportunity to play, grow, and learn in a happy, safe, and caring environment. We seek to foster the growth of the whole child in all areas of development including but not limited to the developmental domains of cognitive, social/emotional, language, fine and gross-motor, and life skills.  We also promote traditional Jewish values and customs, engaging each child through their senses as they explore the beauty of the holidays and Shabbat. We strive to help each child develop in ways that emphasize individual dignity and self-worth. Children are treated with respect, and in turn learn to be respectful of others.

We recognize the importance of building constructive relationships: among children, between teacher and child, and parent and teacher. Skills surrounding friendships, problem solving, conflict resolution, identification of feelings, and enhancement of self-esteem are built into our daily interactions.

Our environment is carefully thought out and intellectually stimulating giving children the opportunity to gain mastery and competence in many areas. Most importantly, KI preschool encourages children to progress at their own level of knowledge and interest in a relaxed and fun-filled environment.  The school provides children with the opportunity to be children, of having fun and enjoying each other’s company, all while learning and exploring the world around them.