Social Events

Not everyone feels comfortable joining a community through learning or davening. Friendship, shared interests, and traditions are also welcome pathways for bringing new faces into our vibrant community.  Whether through traditional holiday celebrations like our Community Sukkah and city-wide Shavuot learning experiences or our very active softball teams, we create doorways that invite people in and draw them down pathways of greater engagement and fulfillment.

Annual Gala 2020

Every year, KI volunteers put on the Gala, raising thousands of dollars for KI and having a fabulous time!

This year’s Gala, in honor of Rabbi Hamilton’s 25th Anniversary at KI, was scheduled for March; due to COVID, it has been rescheduled as a VIRTUAL GALA on 12/17/20, the last night of Hannukah.

How will a virtual gala work?  Like everyone else, we’re dreaming it up as we go along.  If you have any ideas, or would like to help, let the office know!

Gala 2019

As we wait for the next Gala, here’s a look back at all the fun we had last year!

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