Overview of Succah use on 384 Harvard Street Campus

Providing ample space for the community to participate in the Mitzvah of Succah and maintaining COVID-19 safety this year is challenging. Please recognize that any activity with other people does carry an element of risk. We ask that you follow these rules in order to minimize that risk but understand that we cannot guarantee that all others will respect these rules.  There will be no on-site safety monitor except for formal campus partner events. Accordingly, your use of any campus succah is at your own risk. 

Also, please recognize that if anyone in the succah at the same time as you is later determined to have COVID-19 vid-19, you may be asked by the Department of Public Health to be tested and to quarantine for up to 14 days. Accordingly, reservations are required.  Reservations must be made through the main office by calling 617-277-9155 or by emailing mainoffice@congki.org. Reservations must be confirmed by email from the main office. In the event of use without registration, we require you inform the office immediately by phone or email as to what times you used which succah. Accurate contact tracing data is essential for everyone’s safety.

We ask that you not enter any campus Succah or the campus property if you do not meet the eligibility safety criteria found in the Attendance Eligibility document.

We are providing 3 separate succot for your use:

Two are 6 by 8 feet succot.

  • Each can only contain one household/pod/bubble at a time.
  • You can reserve these succot in advance for a designated time, for up to 30 minutes. 
  • These are the Front Plaza Succah and the Brown Family Building Courtyard Succah.
  • The Playground Succah is for the use of the preschool, Hebrew school, and youth programs for health and safety reasons. 
  • The rules for use of these succot are found in “On Site Guidelines for Small Succah Use”.

There is one 24 by 36 foot succah in the garden.

The purpose of this succah is to enable as many people or couples as possible to BRIEFLY enjoy the succah without advanced planning and then free the space for someone else’s use. 

It is NOT meant for socializing or for lengthy meals.

There is no pre-registration. Accordingly, no more than 2 people may sit together in this succah. If your household is larger, we ask you to reserve a space in one of the small succot (see information above) or break into groups of two.

Chairs will be placed at a safe distance from one another in the Succah. THERE ARE NO TABLES IN THIS SUCCAH. Please do not move the chairs already placed in the succah, but you may add another chair (supply outside the succah) if you wish to sit with one other person.  If one of the smaller individual household succot happens to be free and you did not register for it, you may use it for a maximum of 15 minutes if other people are registered and waiting. If no one is waiting, you may linger but please vacate immediately when another party arrives. Rules for use of this succah may be found in “On Site Guidelines for Small Succah Use”.

To register for use of a succah, please contact the main office by calling 617-277-9155 or by emailing mainoffice@congki.org. Reservations must be confirmed by email from the main office.

For more details, visit the buttons below.

Please direct any questions to the main office.

Have a safe, healthy, and enjoyable Chag Sameach.