A Call to Social Action

A Call to Social Action

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. And this edition isn’t so much of a call as a promotion, invitation, and announcement just letting you know of the many ongoing and new opportunities to volunteer, pitch in, and support members of our community and circles beyond. And while we’ve always been discrete and unassuming, our new VP of Social Action, Ahitza Gonzalez, brings new energy to our efforts. You may have already seen notifications for a very well-attended meeting she hosted in August, and there are plans for another one early in September.

Please forgive me for repeating a line from a previous letter, but at KI, Social Action means having it your way. Think of it as meaning your particular presence and effort moves the world forward in a way exclusive to you. Thus it is your unique interests, abilities, and circumstances that inform the areas that you can best have impact. The possible paths are as varied individuals.

So, with that it mind, and with inspiration from and apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan, I’ve got a little list:

  • Make a minyan, lead a service, leyn the sacred Torah

I’ve got a little list, I’ve got a little list

  • Direct Birkat Hamazon or volunteer for fun

You really couldn’t miss, you really couldn’t miss

  • Join one of KI committees including membership, there is also infrastructure and security, if you see fit
  • Sign on with Campus Shomrim as a greeter for Shabbat
  • Make food delivery from KI to JF&CS
  • Donate salmon and whole wheat crackers for families who need assist

If not you will be missed, if not you will be missed

They’re all on the list, they’re all on the list

And if not fulfilled will be missed, don’t you get the gist?

  • There is the opportunity to teach the youth to read and do not forget HIAS

It should not be dismissed

  • And supporting the stranger and calling on the bereaved

It really must be done, on this I do insist

  • For community prepare Challot, fresh meals for new parents
  • Water plants and feed the fish, it’s best not on your own
  • And don’t forget mishloach manot, the treats are so divine
  • And then there is, 2LIfe, Yachad, and much more that could be mined

And In the end, the task goes on with filling up the list, it really can’t be dissed, it really can’t be dissed.

You must create a list, you must create a list, if not you will be missed, on this I do insist!

L’ Shalom,
Gordon Bennett
President, Congregation Kehillath Israel 

PS …When making announcements on Shabbat morning, I normally try to memorize names, events, times etc. rather than speaking from notes. This past Shabbat was the most challenging yet!  We had two b’not mitzvah (with parent name), three baby names (parent’s names and English and Hebrew names), two mazel tovs for a marriage and anniversary,  three announcements (names, subject, dates and times), along with updates on times for mincha, maariv, and havdalah.  And that was just in the Sanctuary. There were also two aufrufs on the Campus …  We may not be completely recovered from Covid, but judging by this past Shabbat’s activity, we can’t be that far off. And if things keep going this way, I may surrender to a teleprompter – Shabbat mode of course 😉