Update: COVID-19 Safety Committee

Over the past months, relatively low rates of COVID-19 in our local communities have helped us safely engage in an increasing amount of on campus activity and have fostered a culture in which we are accustomed to increasing activity on campus. However, community rates of COVID-19 are now rising. The 384 Campus Medical Advisory Group and Campus COVID-19 Safety Committee have been monitoring rates of COVID-19 in the state and local community. 

At the current time, we believe the safety measures in place on campus are appropriate to allow in-person events to continue. The committees will continue to monitor the amount of active COVID-19 in the community and adjust safety measures on campus as necessary in response to these rates.

If the current trend reverses, we may be able to increase activities and loosen restrictions. If the current trend in rising COVID-19 rates escalates, we should be prepared for scaling back in-person activities on campus, possibly affecting both indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Questions about campus COVID-19 safety procedures may be directed to the office or to trusted volunteer Dr. Bruce Weinstock.