KI’s Latest COVID Guidelines

The health and safety of our community, and the larger campus community, have been foremost in the design of our guidelines since the beginning of the pandemic. The goal is to get to a set of guidelines as soon as possible that reminds us all of how we interacted with each other about 16 months ago. We continue to monitor data locally and statewide, including incident rates, vaccination rates, and expert recommendations. We remain committed to adjust our guidelines as these data points improve.

Effective immediately, we are instituting the following changes:

  • Continue to require masks covering both mouth and nose at all times
  • Decrease required social distancing to four feet
  • Allow for zero social distancing for those who explicitly request permission of each other to sit shoulder to shoulder. (This requires explicit permission of everyone within four feet all around)
  • For very small meetings of four or more people, allow for mask removal after explicit mutual consent of all parties when in private. 
  • Relax occupancy limits to nearly full capacity, assuming social distancing of four feet.  As as example:
    • Sanctuary            312 people
    • Social Hall           205
    • Chapel                  80
  • For prayer services, normal choreography at the reading table and bimah for handling the Torah (hagbah, glilah, torah readers show each other the place)
  • Singing is encouraged by all participants with masks on
  • If all are vaccinated and all masks are on, people with aliyot may be next to Torah readers and Gabbies may be next to Torah readers, and two people may roll the Torah. 
  • Vaccinated service leaders (speaking, chanting, singing) may remove masks if: 
    • No one else is within 10 feet
    • They only remove the mask once they are stationary in their leading physical position
    • They very visibly return the mask to their face before changing physical location
  • For KI Preschool, eliminate post-travel quarantine and testing