Support our Kiddush Fund and Care for our Community

We are marking one year since we started distributing and delivering Kiddush lunches from the KI Garden. We have distributed more than 4,000 lunches in that time! The Kiddush lunch program has been an incredible experience, feeding our community’s body and soul as we gather each week outside as volunteers, neighbors, worshippers, and friends old and new. We are deeply grateful for the dedicated volunteers and generous donors who have supported this program!

We are also in the midst of our second round of the KI Phone Tree and reaching out to every member of the KI community to offer support and camaraderie. This effort is rewarding for all who participate, as new connections are made and existing connections strengthened.

We are exhilarated by the many small and large acts of kindness and caring we’ve received and given to help keep our community strong. Over the next few months, we will gradually and carefully be able to spend more time together in person, but we are still in challenging times, with many opportunities to support each other.

Here are some ways in which you can receive help:

  • Sign Up to receive Kiddush lunch delivery, every week or just once in a while
  • Request a telephone reach-out from a KI friend
  • Contact us to have a volunteer pick up some groceries, prescriptions, walk your dog, or help with other errands and chores

Here are some ways in which you can provide help:

  • Donate Funds to support our lunch program! We hope to continue delivering to those who need it even after we resume in-person Kiddush inside the building
  • Sign Up to volunteer for Kiddush lunch delivery, KI Phone Tree, and to receive alerts when some other forms of support are needed in the community, including alerts related to providing food or meals for families with new babies or observing shiva
  • Sign up to help make an in-person minyan on Shabbat morning (40 person maximum), Monday morning, or Thursday morning (and additional times coming soon)
  • May we go from strength to strength, in good health and safety, and continue to help each other feel the warmth of our exceptional KI community.